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TSA is consultancy firms committed to helping clients achieve their goals. We undertake different types of work including: Strategy development and strategic planning, capacity building in organizations, driving performance improvement

Strategic planning

Preparation for your future vision requires a consideration of the internal and external environment as well as considering the different interests of stakeholders. Planning therefore provides a critical document that guides your road map along the way.

Since every business operates within limited resources, strategic planning is necessary in identifying key priorities, objective goals and setting up of clear pathways of achievement. We are willing to assit you to set strategies to help you clarify and achieve your vision and mission


Organisations rely on credible insights derived from insights presented after examining accurate data. We do this by blending appropriate methodologies and tools as well as using our expertise in that field. This enables you to make desicions based on evidence.

Our social and market research provides timely and accurate information on the needs, attitude, situation and behavior of the target population.

Training and Capacity building

Your team requires preparation to sharpen their skills and bring them together in order to achieve desirable success in a competitive environment. Disover and fill knowledge gaps before they become a point of weakness. We provide a training environment that is fun, engaging and stimulates learning, reflection and application.

This particular area requires an extended schedule that is built into the internal organisation support in order to fully develop self sufficiency and sustainable impact. We are skilled in developing programs that match either specific or diverse client needs.

Project Management

Our many years of industry experience has enabled us to perfect the art, science and craft that few practitioners are able to master. This challenging blend of talent and skills is what comes into play when managing complex projects that need to be executed within set timelines and budgets.

Every project is geared towards community benefit. In this regard, we possess the competency in planning, designing and implementing projects with maximum impact and delivering value for money.

Monitoring  and evaluation

At every stage and in many ways, tracking and measuring various indicators is carried out as data gets transformed into strategic information. This is then used to enhance learning and inform decision making.

Answering key questions is one way of obtaining useful feedback. Are you achieving desired results and what interventions would be necessary ? What impact are you experiencing and is this sustainable ?

Team building

We are passionate about stimulating individuals and turning them into natural collaborators. You will enjoy our sessions that breaks down barriers and help team members focus on shared goals geared towards helping the organisation to not only win but also thrive as one united group.

Team Solutions Africa assists teams of different sizes and at different levels of growth or development. We pick facilitators that compliment our vast experience and blend best practices and the latest thinking in human dynamics and organisational psychology. In turn your team gets impacted to achieve organisational goals.

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