Strategic planning

Preparation for your future vision requires a consideration of the internal and external environment as well as considering the different interests of stakeholders.

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Organisations rely on credible insights derived from insights presented after examining accurate data. We do this by blending appropriate methodologies and tools …

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Training and Capacity building

Your team requires preparation to sharpen their skills and bring them together in order to achieve desirable success in a competitive environment. Discover and fill knowledge gaps …

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Project Management

Our many years of industry experience has enabled us to perfect the art, science and craft that few practitioners are able to master. This  challenging blend of talent and skills …

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Monitoring  and evaluation

At every stage and in many ways, tracking and measuring various indicators is carried out as data gets transformed into strategic information. This is then used to enhance …

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Team building

We are passionate about stimulating individuals and turning them into natural collaborators. You will enjoy our sessions that breaks down barriers and help team members focus on …

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Our Recent Work

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2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan

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August 25, 2018

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Training to impact 800 leaders

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August 25, 2018